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Liberty is won here

Who we Are

Americans today have lost their language. The generations that have followed since the American Revolution have slowly receded their liberty and autonomy to a leviathan of central authority, who's only focus is on it's own endless growth of power and wealth.

Where we Came From

From Lions to Lambs...The Republican Party is founded on liberty and freedom for all, but for many decades they have been no different than the socialist democrats, click here for the real history of Grand Old Party, and how we can unite and make it  the party of Lincoln again. 


Why you Belong

The MAGA movement was not a new concept, it simply captured the electricity and tapped into the American Spirit that for decades had lied dormant, MAGA woke up the silent majority, united a people and put America First again.


We are the FORMER forgotten men and women of this country, we are the Heart and Soul of the United States, the bone and sinew that binds our economy, society and communities. We are the first responders, doctors, servers, shift workers and business owners, we wear blue and white collars live in massive cities and off back roads and for the first time in history we are UNITED.


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